Cup Play for UISA League U14-U18 teams

2019 B-Cup Information

12 March 2019
For UISA League Teams Competing in B Cup:

2019 Boys B Cup Draws click here – updated March 3

2019 Girls B cup Draws click here – updated March 3

2019 B Cup Playdown Information click here.

Out of District Cup Play and Coach Qualifications:  In 2019 the minimum coaching certification for head coaches participating in out of district Cup play is Soccer for Life.

UISA Cup Play 101

Link to 2019 Cup play 101 document here and to Cup Play Flow Chart here

There are 4 competitive tournaments U14-U18 Tier III teams may choose to participate in: 

1) BC Soccer Provincial B-Cup Tournament

2) Lower Mainland Coastal B-Cup Tournament

3) Upper and Lower Island Inter-District Island Invitational Tournament

4) Upper Island District Pacific Development Cup

Island B Cup playdowns

Coastal Cup and Provincial B Cup are open to those U14 to U18 UISA League teams who have qualified and declared B Cup. The UISA B Cup representative for both these tournaments is determined through the B Cup play-downs. One play-down series results in one winning team which competes at these two cup competitions.

First we hold playdowns within our district – these are single game elimination matches, with teams seeded by random draw held at the UISA GM in November.   

UISA Play-downs will be held on January 27 (if needed), Feb 3 and Feb 10 in 2019 and will determine who wins the Upper Island Berth for each division.  A make-up day is scheduled for Feb 17 if needed.

In each division, the district winner advances to the Island B Cup Finals AND the Coastal B-Cup as the UISA B Cup Rep.

Next, district winners compete in the Island B Cup Finals – against the winning Lower Island Soccer Association team for their division.  This is a single game elimination, scheduled Feb 23 or 24 2019 which determines the Island representative to Provincial B Cup in July.

Remember that once a team commits to B cup, that the team must play all games that they qualify for, up to and including Provincials. If a team does not fulfill this commitment then it WILL be sanctioned by UISA and/or BC Soccer.

Summary – Island B Cup playdown dates for 2019: 

Sunday Jan 27, Feb 4 and Feb 11  – UI B-Cup Play downs, league games also scheduled. May play Sat if needed.

Feb 17 – Makeup day for UI B-Cup Play downs, league games also scheduled.

Saturday and/or Sunday, Feb 23/24 – B-Cup Island Finals UI vs. LI, league games also scheduled –  U15, U17 Upper Island will Host; U14, U16, U18 Upper Island will be Away. Be prepared to play either day.  Makeup days March 9/10 if needed.

Coastal B Cup 2019

Please see the Coastal Cup website for schedules, game sheets, rules & regulations, duties of coaches, and coaching certificaiton

UISA B-Cup reps who enter the Coastal Cup play single game elimination matches, starting in the quarter-final round. Matches may be held any day listed, at a  location on the Island or in the Lower Mainland. Be prepared to play Saturday or Sunday.

For 2019:

Saturday and/or Sunday April 13/14  – Quarter Finals

Saturday and/or Sunday April 27/28 – Semi-Finals

Saturday and/or Sunday May 4/5  – Coastal Cup Final on the Lower Mainland

BC Soccer B-cup Provincial Finals

Provincial B Cup is a 3-day tournament with finals on the 4th day. Seeding for finals is based on the results of previous games in the tournament: 7 vs 8, 5 vs 6, 3 vs 4 and 1 vs 2.

Provincial B-cup finals will be held on July 4– 7, 2019.

Girls Provincial B Cup –  in Burnaby

Les Sinnott Memorial Boys Provincial Cup – in Prince George


For a link to BC Soccer’s Competitions website  click here

For Rules and Regulations,  click here

Island Invitational Tournamnent

The Island Invitational Tournament showcases the best Upper Island UISA league teams versus the best Lower Island Gold League teams. It is a separate tournament from the Coastal B-Cup and BC Soccer Provincial B-Cup.

This competition is open to all U14 to U18 teams in the Upper Island, with the exception of  VIPL or BCSPL teams.  U13 teams are not permitted to challenge.

The Upper Island alternates hosting with the Lower Island Soccer Association for this annual tournament held each April/May since 1964 under rules mutually agreed to by the two Districts. The Upper Island district Pacific Development Cup winners will become the UISA representative Boys and Girls teams from U-14 to U-18 at the Island Invitational Finals against Lower Island.

LISA will host the 2019 Island Invitational finals at Peninsula Soccer Club on April 6/7 2019.

Link to Island Invitational info doc here

Link to Island Invitational Finals Player Pickup Rules – click here

Pacific Development Cup

The Upper Island Soccer Association introduced a new District Cup for 11-aside U14-U18 Tier 3 teams in 2016-17.  The Pacific Development Cup winners will become the U14-U18 Upper Island representative to Island Invitational Finals.

PDC Playdowns: Playdown brackets will be seeded by random draw. For the preliminary round, a home and away series will be scheduled for each pair of competitors on the bracket, to begin in October.  Finals will be a single game elimination match scheduled for the second-last weekend of the season, to be played on March 3 in 2019.

Please note: once a team has declared for Pacific Development Cup they must participate until they are eliminated or they have completed the Island Invitational finals.  Failure to fulfill cup commitments will result in substantial sanctions from UISA.

Link to Pacific Development Cup info doc here

Link to Pacific Development Cup sample playdown brackets here