Nanaimo U18B (Nowak) vs CVUSC U18B (Perry)

Nanaimo U17B (Corbeil) vs CVUSC U16B (North)

Nanaimo U18B (Nowak) vs CVUSC U16B (North)

Nanaimo U18B (Nowak) vs Nanaimo U17B (Corbeil)

Nanaimo U18G (Bradley) vs CVUSC Blaze (Oldale)

Reilly Douglas #6 was red carded half way through the first half of the game.  There were no yellow cards before the red was given and no good explanation at the time as to why. Red card was issued for swearing.


Nanaimo U14B (Roden) vs Nanaimo U15B (Wasserman)

Nanaimo U17B (Corbeil) vs MIYSA Mariners (Richards)

Nanaimo U14B (Roden) vs PRYSA Energy (Leach)

Nanaimo U17B (Corbeil) vs Nanaimo U18B (Nowak)