CVUSC Blaze (Oldale) vs CVUSC U15/17G (Kelly)

CVUSC Wild Ones-1 (Stevens) vs PRYSA Lightning (Dennis)

CVUSC Wild Ones-2 (Sepulveda) vs HCFC U13G (Jakobsen)

CVUSC U13B-2 (Field) vs HCFC U13B-2 (Yeung)

CVUSC Strikers Red (Howe) vs HCFC U13B-3 (Roden)

CVUSC U17/18B (Perry) vs MIYSA Mariners2 (Richards)

CVUSC Blaze (Oldale) vs HCFC U16/18G (Bradley)

CVUSC U15/17G (Kelly) vs HCFC U14/15G (Dunn)

Team Kelly were very accommodating when the goals began to add up.  They definitely tried hard to even the field by switching player positions, asking players to use non-dominant foot.  Thank you