Risk Management

Risk management allows organizations to identify and assess possible sources of harm, and take steps to decrease or prevent it from occurring. It must include evidence of procedures, processes and documents which show an organization’s commitment to maintaining the safety and well-being of all of the game’s participants.

While it is not possible to eliminate all the risks involved in playing, coaching, or administering sport, BC Soccer is committed to reducing the risks associated with soccer in the province.

2019-20 UISA Executive Risk Management Officer: Willow Rae

BC Soccer Rule 19 - Criminal Record Checks

All BC Soccer directors and every volunteer or employee of BC Soccer or an affiliated BC Soccer organization aged 19 years or older must have completed a Criminal Record Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Check on file in accordance with BC Soccer’s Criminal Record Check Policy.

Line here to BC Soccer Criminal Record Check Policy

The approved agencies for Criminal Record Checks are:

  • RCMP or Local Police Detachment
  • Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP)
  • Sterling Backcheck Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC)

For more information please visit  BC Soccer Risk Management.

Creating a safe and fun environment for our children

Risk Management extends well beyond Criminal Record Checks to doing all we can to create a safe environment for our youth.  BC Soccer and UISA-endorsed initiatives promoting  good soccer parent/citizen behaviour include codes of conduct, parent education materials, and online courses.  All our youth soccer members are strongly encouraged to promote and make full use of the following:

BC Soccer Guide – the Educated Parent

BC Soccer template – Parent Code of Conduct

UISA poster – “Be the Best Fan you can be”

UISA “Best Fans Ever” Goal – No Coaching from the Sidelines

The Respect In Sport (RIS) Program

Respect in Sport, Canada’s only interactive, online certification program to protect our youth and enhance an organization’s mandate for safe, fun and respectful environments for all. Respect in Sport was developed as a grassroots online tool so sport and community organizations can deliver on their commitment to creating a safer environment for all participants; coaches, managers, trainers, administration and volunteers and even parents!

Respect in Sport Parent E-learning course – The fee for this user friendly 1 hour online course is $12, collected by Respect in Sport.

Respect in Sport Soccer -Coach / Activity Leader E-learning Education Program – The fee for this user friendly 2.5 hour online course is $30, collected by Respect in Sport.

For cases of serious concern about child welfare and safety, please consult the  BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect 

BC Soccer Harassment Policy

The handling of harassment is captured in the Judicial Code & Policies of BC Soccer– Conduct and Ethics Policy Section 2.5: Free of Harassment and Discrimination.

2019/2020 UISA Executive Harassment Officers:  Willow Rae and Mike Rankin