Constitution and Rules

Constitution and Bylaws

UISA Constitution, revised May 2018

UISA Bylaws, revised May 2018

District BCSA Associate Membership Application policy – revised November 4, 2018

UISA League - Policies, Rules & Regulations

UISA Registration Manual

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Note: updated August 26, 2017

UISA Information Docs

BC Soccer: Constitution and Bylaws & Policies

BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the governance, promotion and development of the game of soccer in British Columbia. The following bylaws, rules, regulations and policies guide and govern the UISA.

Constitution & Bylaws
Rules & Regulations
Player Registration Policy Manual
Discipline Policy & Procedures
Fee Schedule
Harassment Policy
Complaint Policy
Playing Up / Down Policies
Scholarship Policy
Travel Policy
Privacy Policy

Click here for detailed information about these bylaws, rules, regulations and policies available via the BC Soccer website

BC Soccer: Provincial Cup

BC Soccer: International Transfer Certificate Procedures

All international youth players require a FIFA-approved International Transfer Certificate to be authorized to play in Canada.

Please see BC Soccer’s International Transfer Certificate Procedure document for more information.

Note that International exchange students almost never qualify for a certificate under the current criteria and are therefore not eligible to participate in BCSA-sanctioned league soccer.  Exchange students may apply for  a BC Soccer Short Term Event Player Permit in order to participate in either exhibition games or tournaments. Exchange students are also encouraged to to play soccer in school and other recreational avenues.

CSA Memo on Player's Equipment

Please click here to view  CSA guidelines for officials regarding players’ jerseys, footwear, jewelry,head wear, orthopedic supports (such as knee braces) and casts.

BC Soccer: Players wearing casts policy

Click here for the CSA policy on players wearing casts, which is followed by BC Soccer.

BC Soccer: Insulin pump policy

Click here for the CSA policy on players wearing insulin pumps, which is followed by BC Soccer