Referee Documents

For the Laws of the Games click here

The following files may be accessed here:

UISA Referee Guidelines for 2018 -19

Online Game Report (if needed)

UISA Game Durations

UISA Mileage Chart

UISA Official Expense Form


UISA league Super 8 Retreat Line Why and How To


Concussion Information and Assessment

Please follow Canada Soccer’s Concussion Guide for managing all suspected or confirmed cases of concussion

Other information on concussion can be found in:

BC Soccer’s document, “Players Health, Head Injuries & Concussions” –

CATT (Concussion Awareness Training Tool) website –

Coaching Association of Canada’s Making Headway Concussion eLearning Series

There are also assessment tools, including:

SCAT3 – Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3

SCAT3 – Sport Concussion Assessment Tool Child 

CSA Memo on Player's Equipment

Please click here to view  CSA guidelines for officials regarding players’ jerseys, footwear, jewelry, head wear, orthopedic supports (such as knee braces) and casts.

BC Soccer: Players wearing casts policy

Click here for the CSA policy on players wearing casts, which is followed by BC Soccer.

BC Soccer: Insulin pump policy

Click here for the CSA policy on players wearing insulin pumps, which is followed by BC