Nanaimo and Cumberland Masters Teams to vie for 127 yr old Grand Challenge Cup

Over the course of the past 8 months, Friends of Harry Manson have received proposals from 5 different organizations offering to provide a home for the Grand Challenge Cup of the Nanaimo Football Association , which dates from 1891. The 5 organizations are as follows:

1) BC Sports Hall of Fame

2) Cumberland Empire Events Society

3) Nanaimo Museum Sports Hall of Fame

4) Nanaimo United Football Club

5) Royal BC Museum

An impressive list by any standard and we feel very honored by the response. In reaching our decision, Friends of Harry Manson gave strong consideration to the following criteria:

  • A secure display that is accessible to public.
  • To revive the Grand Challenge Cup’s raison d’etre by organizing an annual competition for the trophy.
  • That such a competition includes communities of diversity.

In the end, there were two proposals that stood out, as they more closely fulfilled our criteria. These proposals were submitted by:

1) Cumberland Empire Events Society

2) Nanaimo United Football Club

Friends of Harry Manson would therefore like to propose that the matter decided on the soccer pitch, by having teams representing Cumberland and Nanaimo play a seies of home and home matches.

  • Friends of Harry Manson consider that it would be fitting and fair to have the old-timers (50+) from Cumberland and Nanaimo contest these two matches.
  • The first match to be played at the Victoria Day celebration in May of 2019, at Cumberland.
  • The second match to be played at the Nanaimo United F.C.’s annual preseason tournament in August of 2019, at Nanaimo.