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Introduction to UISA league cup play 2017-18

U14-U18 teams: 11-aside UISA league teams may choose to participate in 
1) BC Soccer Provincial B-Cup Tournament
2) Lower Mainland Coastal B-Cup Tournament
3) Upper and Lower Island Inter-District Island Invitational Tournament
4) Upper Island District Pacific Development Cup (new in 2016-17!)
Super8 teams:8-aside UISA league teams may choose to participate in
1) Super8 Boys and Girls Jamborees held throughout the season (non-competitive)
2) Upper Island Pacific Development Jamboree (non-competitive)
3) Upper and Lower Island Inter-District Island Invitational Tournament U13 age level
For more information, check out the Cup Play Flow Chart and Cup Play 101 documents

Men's CCAA Nationals in Nanaimo Nov 8-12, 2017

The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s National finals will be hosted by Vancouver Island University Mariners this fall, from November 8-12 at Merle Logan field in Nanaimo.  Come out and support the Mariners!

Good luck to all our former youth players in the competition!  

Link to schedule and more info here

BC Soccer Award of Merit for Upper Island Coach Mike Oldale

UISA is pleased to announce that Mike Oldale received an Award of Merit from BC Soccer at their AGM in Burnaby on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

Congratulations Mike!

Mike grew up in Powell River in a soccer family and began his coaching his eldest daughter Victoria’s house soccer team in 2004 in the Comox Valley.  Since then, he has been involved in soccer – non-stop! – as a coach, volunteer, and recreational player. Mike coached both his daughters through their youth soccer years with CVUSC and Riptide.  When he wasn’t coaching his own kids, he was coaching other youth in Spring League soccer, at the DDC, and on the 2014 U18G Riptide team.  To highlight his dedication: for two consecutive years he was on the field seven days a week coaching.   Mike does an outstanding job of creating an accepting and supportive environment for his players, and they credit him with being a great role model in soccer and in life.  His passion for soccer is not only on the field; both CVUSC (where he served as Equipment Manager) and the Upper Island Soccer Association (where he was an integral member of the group involved in the creation of the VIPL, and a founding member of the Riptide Steering committee) have benefited from Mike’s dedication, strong work ethic and humour.

“Mike has an incredible passion for the game of soccer. He is passionate not only about coaching, but about improving the leagues and the organization that we play within.” – Darrin McLeod, Past Chair of Upper Island Soccer Association and the VIPL Riptide Steering Committee.

The Riptide steering committee are pleased to announce our program coaches for 2017-18: 


U14 girls – Graeme Sargent (head coach), Claudia Vachon and Jerret Dickinson (assistant coaches)

U14 boys – Kirby fisher (head coach), Brent Blackmun and Bodo Von Shilling (assistant coaches)

U15 girls – Andrew Duncan (head coach), Randall Heidt and Colin Power (assistant coaches)

U15 boys – Darrin McLeod (head coach), Dave Nelson and Peter Harriss (assistant coaches)

U16 girls – Jamie Barnie (head coach), Paul Nimmon (assistant coach)

U17 boys – Sean Arbour (head coach)

U17/18 girls – Scott Harris (head coach), Steph Dean (assistant coach)

U18 boys – Ken Garraway (head coach), Steve Hall (assistant coach)

The Storm steering committee are pleased to announce our program coaches for 2017-18: 


U14 girls – Joel Butler (head coach), Suzanne Beauchesne (assistant coach)

U14 boys – Scott Saywell (head coach), Marc Paris (assistant coach)

U15 girls – Carl Neibel (head coach), Brad Nixon (assistant coach)

U15 boys – Paul Brockhurst (head coach), Chris Barasa (assistant coach)

U17 girls – Larry Stefanek

U16 boys – Bobbie Taylor (head coach)

U18 girls – Kathleen Nicholls (head coach), Jason Coates (assistant coach)

U18 boys – Jamie Tierney (head coach), Brad Nixon (assistant coach) 

Call for UISA league team declarations for 2017-18

All teams U12 to U18 wishing to play in the UISA League (Tier 3/Select/Rep League) in 2017-18 must declare their intentions through their Club Administrator or Club President, to the UISA Executive Director (at UpperIslandSoccerOffice@gmail.com) by Friday June 30, 2017.

For 2017-18, UISA will offer a mixed-age Super 8 division for U12s and U13s where teams are pooled based on ability, and U14-U18 divisions playing 11 –aside. (Note – team age division is determined by the oldest player on the team)

Clubs will be expected to confirm UISA league teams at the August 26, 2017 UISA GM.

Download all the team declaration info here

UISA Annual General Meeting May 27, 2017

UISA Annual General Meeting  Saturday May 27, 2017 , 11:00 AM, Quality Inn Bayside in Parksville
UISA General meeting to follow, Saturday May 27, 2016, 12:30 PM, Quality Inn Bayside in Parksville
The draft minutes of the last UISA GM January 21, and the last AGM on April 23, 2016 are  posted on the Minutes page, under the About UISA menu.
Updated call for board candidates:
Three sitting board members will stand for re-election to a two year term.
One 1-year term is open.
One year remaining in a two-year term is open.

UISA is now accepting candidates for the 2017-18 Executive Board

UISA is now accepting candidates for its Executive Board for terms commencing in June 2017 (following the UISA Annual General Meeting).
In order for UISA member clubs to evaluate prospective board members, Club Presidents have requested that candidates provide written notice of their intent to stand via email to UpperIslandSoccerOffice@gmail.com.  Candidate declarations are due by May 16.
Candidates are encouraged to provide a brief summary outlining their soccer experience/knowledge, governance experience, and skills and attributes relevant to a board position.
UISA will then update member clubs with the information gathered from all declared candidates by May 15.
 There are three (3) two-year director terms and two (1) one-year director terms up for election.
Three current UISA directors (Kevin Cowie, Sean Arbour and Carl Neibel) will stand for re-election.
UISA encourages all candidates to honour this request from our member clubs. Please note though, that an individual may still declare their candidacy from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.

2017 Mini World Cup May 13 and 14 - check out the event website!

Dealing with Severe Weather

Please follow the UISA severe weather protocol – get in touch with your opposing team and have a plan in place to:

1) check the home clubs’ posted field status to monitor field closures (links to all club websites on the Members page under the About UISA menu);

2) do an early morning check Sunday (before your opposing team leaves home) for standing water or snow on the fields if needed;

3) monitor the Environment Canada website for updates to their Wind/Storm warnings or Special Weather Statements, and

4) check for interruptions to the Powell River ferry service if appropriate.

Remember, the severe weather protocol allows for cancellations on game day, not on spec.


Your hosts at CVUSC came up with a fun new format for this final Jamboree, mixing players at the start of the day, and playing mini-games and soccer challenges. 


The unique format of this jamboree was that Players and Coaches from one community team were divided into balanced teams with players and coaches from other communities.  Our goal for the following season is that these players return to their Club excited to compete against their new friends in a fun, friendly, but still very competitive environment.

Thanks for filling out the Jamboree feedback survey!

BC Soccer Award of Merit for UISA Director Sean Arbour


UISA is pleased to announce that district Vice Chair Sean Arbour received an Award of Merit from BC Soccer at their AGM in Burnaby on Saturday, June 11, 2016.  Provincial Awards of Merit recognize individuals who make outstanding contributions to soccer, during a period of ten or more years, as a player, manager, coach, official, or administrator at the club/league or district level.

Congratulations, Sean – well deserved!

Sean Arbour has been an outstanding contributor to Youth Soccer in the Upper Island for many years; a true champion of community sport for all in the Upper Island. A father of four, all of whom are soccer kids, Sean has coached at all ages as his children grew up in the soccer system. Sean and his family are members of Campbell River Youth Soccer, where Sean has played a leading role since 1998. Sean has also applied his considerable talents to the Upper Island District as a member of the UISA Executive Board, most recently as Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. In the district, Sean was a co-founder of the Vancouver Island Premier League and has played a leading role in establishing and running the UISA Riptide regional teams that allow players from Campbell River, Comox Valley, Powell River and Port Hardy a chance to compete at the Provincial A-cup level.
Sean dedicates an amazing amount of time to youth soccer, but it is his personal qualities and approach that make him an outstanding leader. For Sean, it is all about the kids. He is a model of honesty, integrity and resourcefulness, a truly proactive and caring people person. Sean gets things done – quickly and well. He is a patient man, with a great ability to see the big picture. He brings his calm, cool, collected and wise voice on problems, programs and direction to all his soccer jobs.